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“Look deeper into nature, you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein

Restore your connection with nature.

By offering a Corporate Retreat in the most beautiful and peaceful environment in Portugal, combined with professional coaching and training, we teach young professionals to be resilient, close to themselves and restore there connection with nature.

Physical distance enables emotional distance. By taking people out of their normal busy routines and bringing them into the quietness of nature, we encourage them to be receptive to whatever is beneath the surface. By bringing awareness to essential questions that need attention we shift into a deeper layer of consciousness. With the help of professional coaches, we teach the power of breathing to control the body, the mind and to know what you are capable of.

Young professionals will be challenged on 4 levels


On the physical level, several outdoor activities act as a mirror: what is my tendency when I am under stress? What are my patterns?


On the mental level, science-based methods are taught: what exercises can make me resilient?


On the emotional level repressed emotions are processed: How do I give space to all my emotions?


On the spiritual level young professionals restore the connection with nature and with themselves: what are my values and what is my purpose?

We can create custom adventure packages to challenge and develop your team. Take a look at some of the adventures and locations in the gallery and feel free to call or email us for a bespoke package.

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