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Personal Leadership Retreat

For young professionals

Do you want to dive into your personal development?
Discover your purpose in life and translate that to your career?
Learn how you become strong and resilient, ready to go back to work?

Jump into the Leading Self Retreat, a four-month personal development program with an intense 6 day program in Portugal, in which you will be challenged on 4 levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, based on the Corporate Athlete method:

  • On the physical level, several outdoor activities act as a mirror: what is my tendency when I am under stress? What are my patterns?
  • On the mental level, science-based methods are taught: what exercises can make me resilient?
  • On the emotional level repressed emotions are processed: How do I give space to all my emotions?
  • On the spiritual level young professionals restore the connection with nature and with themselves: what are my values and what is my purpose?

The full program is built up as follows:

  • Intake Conversation: introduction with the professional coach and an initial exploration of your goals and intentions, based on a self assessment.
  • Foundation Workshop: online introductory meeting with the group in which intentions are shaped and shared.
  • Program of 6 days in Portugal: a joint Leading Self Retreat in which all young professionals undergo their own individual learning experience during several activities in nature: horse-riding, hiking, surfing, yoga, breathworks and more. All activities act as a mirror for your personal development. Reflection exercises give you insight into your patterns.
  • Integration Workshop: a moment when young professionals reconnect online with each other, with the aim of integrating the experiences and insights from the Leading Self Retreat into daily life.
  • Coaching Conversation: actions and intentions and how to work on them in the future are shared with the professional coach. After the Leading Self Retreat, young professionals know what has shaped them, what they stand for in life and what drives them.

After the Leading Self Retreat, young professionals know their purpose in life and how to incorporate that in their career. Also they know how to become strong and re-silent, ready to go back to work.

Practical information
Participants come from different organizations. Each program consists of a mix of 8-12 young professionals, age 25-35.

What they have in common is:

  • need for personal development
  • willing to keep an open mind and step out of their comfort zone
  • need for adventure activities in nature

Investment: €3500 excluding VAT and logistics.

Many participants partly or fully fund the Leading Self Retreat from a training budget of their employer.