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Team Retreat

For managers and their teams

Want to get the best out of your team?
Jump into a nature adventure in Portugal where you are challenged together?
Make unconscious patterns visible and bring new energy into the team?

Various studies show that team coaching significantly improve. By developing strong teams, you not only help the team and your organisation function better, but also the individual employees.
You can use team coaching in various ways to improve team performance, for example to:

  • set goals and priorities
  • make unconscious patterns visible
  • grow mutual trust

The aim is to take your team to the next level.

The Team Retreat is tailor-made in co-creation with our professional team coach. Together with the manager and possibly the team, we design the program. For an informal meeting and more information info@…..

A Team Retreat in Portugal could consist of:

  • Intake Conversation: introduction with the manager and coach as an initial exploration of the team goals and intentions.
  • Foundation Workshop: introductory meeting with the team in which intentions are shaped and shared.
  • Program in Portugal: a joint Team Retreat of several days in which the team members undergo an individual and mutual learning experience during several activities in nature: horse-riding, hiking, surfing, yoga, breathworks and more. All activities act as a mirror for the team and individual development. Reflection exercises and sharing sessions give insight into the team and individual patterns.
  • Integration Workshop: a moment when the team integrates the experiences and insights from the Team Retreat into daily life.
  • Coaching Conversation: reflection with manager how actions and intentions are worked on in the future.

After the Team Retreat, team members feel stronger connected as a team. Team members feel recognized and heard and mutual trust has increased.